Polskie Siły Powietrzne w II wojnie światowej

20 czerwca 1944 r. - kpr. Longin Wiński (317 Dywizjon)

Poniższy tekst to meldunek kpr. Longina Wińskiego (wówczas pilota 317 Dywizjonu Myśliwskiego "Wileńskiego") z walki w dniu 20 czerwca 1944 r.:


A. 20th. June 1944.

B. 317 Polish Squadron.

C. Spitfire IX.LF.

D. 14.59 - landed No. 3 USAAF Landing Strip. France.

E. about 16.00 hours.

F. Airel district.

G. about 50 feet.

H. about 100 ".

I. Spitfire IX.LF. CAT: AC.


K. GENERAL: - I was flying RED 4 on OMAHA patrol when we were ordered to intercept e/a. When in Airel district I saw 5 FW.190s. The wing leader and others went down to attach from about 2,000 feet. I saw the W/Cdr of F/Lt Knapik firing at a FW.190 which I had in my sights. I pulled away so as not to be in the way of the others. I then looked around and saw another FW.190 on my port, I was flying south at the time, and I followed him in and out of cloud. I got in a long burst of cannon and m/g from 5-10 degs: from 250 to 200 yds: I saw hits along wings and fuselage and he began to emit black smoke. He again dived into cloud and I followed. When he came out I gave him another long burst from all armament and still more black smoke from him. He turned left towards No. 3 landing strip (USA) and I lost sight of him in cloud.

The squadrom reformed and we flew over enemy lines in search of the other FW190s. We were down on the deck and ran across thick m/g nests. I was hit in the engine which emitted black smoke. My cockpit was covered with oil and I turned back, landing at No. 3 USAAF landing strip.

I saw the US Intelligence Officer who though I'd landed to confirm my kill. He and others saw my combat and said that the FW 190 crashed and they saw the pilot get out. It is believed that US soldiers caught the pilot.

Weather: -8-9/10ths: cloud at 800 feet. Vis: inland 2-3 miles.

I CLAIM 1 F.W.190 PROBABLY DESTROYED and in view of the circumstances request that this be stepped up to 1 FW.190 DESTROYED.

L. Signature of pilot: -

/-/ F/Sgt:

(L. Winski.)


On June 22nd. I visited the I/O at No. 3 landing strip to find that the personnel had changed since F/Sgt Winski landed there. In the Intelligence Office the Major i/c introduced me to a Lt. Gamble, a Thunderbolt pilot, who had watched the combat. This Lt. assured me that he and two other pilots had followed the fight and that both his companions saw the FW.190 crash and the pilot get out. I was unable to contact these pilots and Lt. Gamble promised to give the U.S. Intelligence Officer a full report signed by those who saw the e/a crash. I arranged to have this report sent on to me at 131 Wing and will forward it as soon as it arrives. In view of the above circumstances I request that this pilot's claim be stepped up to 1 FW.190 DESTROYED.

L. Signature of Int. Officer:

/-/ F/O.

(P. Salkeld.)