Polskie Siły Powietrzne w II wojnie światowej

15 października 1940 r. - por. Tadeusz Nowierski (609 Dywizjon RAF)

Poniższy tekst to meldunek por. Tadeusza Nowierskiego (wówczas pilota 609 Dywizjonu Myśliwskiego RAF; 609 Squadron) z walki w dniu 15 października 1940 r.:


Sector Serial No. (A) Y.109

Serial No. of Order detailing Flight or Squadron to patrol (B)

Date (C) 15.10/40

Flight, Squadron Blue 2 (D) Flight: "B" Sqdn.: 609

Number of Enemy Aircraft (E) 100 approx.

Type of Enemy Aircraft (F) Me's 109 and 110

Time Attack was delivered (G) 1245

Place Attack was delivered (H) N. of Southampton

Height of Enemy (J) 20,000 ft.

Enemy Casualties (K) 1 Me.109

Our Casualties Aircraft (L) Nil

Personnel (M) Nil

Searchlights (N1) -

AA (N2) -

Range at which fire was opened and estimated length of burst (P)

General report

I was Green 3. The squadron was attacked by Me's 109 and we split up. A few minutes later I saw an Me.109 slightly above me and opened fire from astern. He went into a left hand spin and pieces fell of the machine. He disappeared into cloud and I lost him but F/O. Olenski followed him down and saw his crash. The pilot did not get out and was lying or sitting with his parachute near the crash.

(believed between Milton and Lymington)


Signature, T. Nowierski

Section Green

Flight "B"

Squadron 609 Squadron no.