Polskie Siły Powietrzne w II wojnie światowej

21 czerwca 1941 r. - plut. Leon Kosmowski (306 Dywizjon)

Poniższy tekst to meldunek plut. Leona Kosmowskiego (wówczas pilota 306 Dywizjonu Myśliwskiego "Toruńskiego") z walki w dniu 21 czerwca 1941 r.:

Sgt Kosmowski

C. 21.6.41

D. Flight A sqdn 306

E. Five

F. Me 109

G. 1235

H. St. Omer

J. 13/14,000 ft

K. 1 Me 109 destroyed

L. Nil

M. Nil

General report

After the Bombers had bombed one Me 109 appeared from starboard to attack the Blenheims and got within 400 yds of them. S/LDR Rolski fired a short burst at it, and then the e/a began to climb to starboard. I then gave him a very short burst at 250 yds climbing after him, and then opened fire again at 150 yds. Bullets from the first burst hit the cockpit, and bullets from the second attack and dead astern hit him in the tail.

The e/a continued climbing, and at about 16.000 ft burst into flames. The starboard wing dropped and he went straigt down. I did not see the pilot jump nor did anyone else in the Squadron

This e/a had its tail painted yellow.

Rounds fired 38 rounds each of 8 machine guns.

Sgt Kosmowski