Polskie Siły Powietrzne w II wojnie światowej

3 czerwca 1942 r. - plut. Tadeusz Góra (316 Dywizjon)

Poniższy tekst to meldunek plut. Tadeusza Góry (wówczas pilota 316 Dywizjonu Myśliwskiego "Warszawskiego") z walki w dniu 3 czerwca 1942 r.:





A. Date. 3rd. June. 1942.

B. Unit. No. 316 (Polish) Squadron.

C. Type of our A/c. Spitfire VB.

D. Time of attack. 16.35. hours. approx.

E. Place of Attack. 10 miles W. of Le Havre.

F. Weather. Clear - visibility very good.

G. Summary of our Casualties, A/c. Nil.

H. Summary of our Casualties, Pilots. Nil.

J. Enemy Casualties in air combat. 1 F.W.190 destroyed.


Flying as Blue 2. in the left formation of four, I saw, on approaching Le Havre, about 7 e/a. 5 miles to S.E. at 14,000ft. I kept my eye on this formation. After a sharp left turn by the squadron I found myself slightly behind, facing Le Havre and I saw P/O. Wyszkowski attacking a F.W.190 about 3 miles west of Le Havre. At this moment I observed, about 4-5,000ft. below me, 2 F.W.190's climbing. One of these broke away to the right, while the other attacked a Spitfire. I opened fire with cannon and m/g. from above and slightly to port at 300 yds. closing to 150 yds. After about 3 seconds, the F.W.190. ceased firing and greyish smoke began to pour from it. I got in another burst and a few seconds later the e/a. after seeming to hover in the air, went into a steep dive. P/O Przygodski saw e/a. on fire and I therefore claim 1 F.W.190 as destroyed. Cine Camera Gun was carried and exposed.

Rounds Fired.

Connon: - 58 rounds 1st. Gun.

60 " 2nd. ".

M/g. 320 " 1st. "

350 " 2nd. "

60 " 3rd. "

300 " 4th. "

Signature /-/