Polskie Siły Powietrzne w II wojnie światowej

1 stycznia 1945 r. - ppor. Andrzej Dromlewicz (308 Dywizjon)

Poniższy tekst to meldunek ppor. Andrzeja Dromlewicza (wówczas pilota 308 Dywizjonu Myśliwskiego "Krakowskiego") z walki w dniu 1 stycznia 1945 r.:


308 & 317 SQUADRONS. /POLISH/.

A. 1.1.45

B. 308 & 317 Squadrons.

C. Spitfire IX. L..

D. 08-27/09-24 - 10-20/10-40.

E. Between approximately 09-40 and 10-20 Hrs.

F. LOKEREN and GHENT area.

G. 0 - 2,000 Feet.

H. 1,500 - 6,000 Feet.

I. Two Spitfire IX L & two Pilots killed in Air Combat, 18 Spitfire IX. L., destroyed and 5 damaged on the ground.

J. In Air Combat: 20 F.W.190's destroyed, 1 F.W.190's probably destroyed and 4 F.W.190's damaged.

K. Between 08-27 and 09-24 Hrs on January 1st, 1945, 31 A/C of 131 /P/ Wing took off on Operations, 308 Squadron/ 12 A/C/ and 317 Squadron/ 11 A/C/ on Bombing Mission, 302 Squadron/8 A/C/ in two Sections of 4 A/C on Armed Recce. During their absence at approximately 09-30 Hrs, 30 - 50 F.W.190's attacked this Airfield /B.61/ with Cannon & M/G's and probably small anti-personnel bombs. The attack came in at Oft. from 360°, later developing into an "All Direction" straffing. 18 Spitfire IX.L, were destroyed and 5 damaged, as well as some A/C belonging to 85 Group Communication Squadron and some A/C from U.S.A.A.F and Bomber Command, these A/C being on the ground. At that time our A/C had completed their Mission and were returning to base. The first indication they had of anything wrong, was when they spotted an A.A. Barrage over one of our Convoys in the West Schelde, at the same time the first E/A were seen by our Pilots in the LOKEREN area, flying East. They were followed and attacked. F/Lt. OLSZEWSKI, who was leading 308 Squadron, first spotted smoke over our Airfield from the LOKEREN area and warned all Pilots over the R/T of the attack by E/A on B.61. Other Pilots of ours, being short of fuel, left the Squadron formation and were returning singly, arriving over base between 1,000 and 6,000 ft from approximately 09-40 Hrs onwards. They immediately attacked the E/A, at the same time calling the rest of our Pilots ober the R/T and also warning them of what was happening. A general fight then commenced in the vicinity of our Airfield, our A/C always having a height superiority and taking the E/A completely by suprise. 7 of our A/C force landed on other Airfields and in the Country due to petrol shortage but all Pilots are O.K. Our losses in the Air Combat were only two Pilots and A/C which were shot down in the general scramble by the E/A. Following are the Personal Stories from the Pilots of 308 and 317 Squadrons, who took part in this Combat:-


P/O. DROMLEWICZ, A. /POLISH/ 308 SQUADRON:- I met the first E/A in the LOKEREN area. I took part in that Combat but did not fire. I then turned towards base and here saw one F.W.190 attacking one of our Spitfires. I closed in and opened fire with Cannon and M/G's from dead astern, range 600-700 yards and at 2,000 ft height. The E/A broke off his attack and made a starboard turn. I followed, closing in to approximately 300 yards, I continued to fire in short bursts with all armament and saw hits on the fuselage and wings of the E/A. Then my Cannons gave out. The E/A then straightened out and started to climb. I fired another long burst from M/G's only and saw pieces flying off the enemy's starboard wing. The F.W.190 then turned on to its back and the Pilot baled out.

I claim: 1 F.W.190 destroyed.

Cine-Camera exposed.

Gyro Gunsight used.

Rounds Fired. 2 Cannon - 300.

" " 4 M/G's - 1400.